What organs does your pelvic floor support?

Jilly Bond explains which organs are supported by the pelvic floor.

Read the video transcript below:

The pelvic floor supports all the organs of the pelvis. In men and women, it’ll support your bladder at the front with the tube coming down from the bladder. Which comes out in the front of the vaginal opening if you’re a lady, and all the way through the penis if you’re a man.

It also supports the bowel at the back and all the contents of the bowel and the contents of the bladder. It helps them to stay up in the right position where they should be supported as you move, walk and do things through the day.

In women, it helps to support your vagina and the womb to make sure that stays in the right place. And also supports so that during the day you don’t feel any heaviness. You don’t feel any dragging. The muscles work together to do that all the way from the back to the front like a sling.

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