What should I do if I have pelvic pain?

Pelvic health physio Jilly Bond talks about what to do if you are experiencing pelvic pain.

Read the video transcript of what she said:

People with a really tight pelvic floor might find they have some aching around the pelvis anywhere from the front, the lower tummy area, to the lower back. They may also feel like they are sitting on a golf ball or tennis ball or it might just feel really tight inside. And those people need to do relaxation exercises or try and relax the pelvic floor down.

There are some really easy ways to relax your pelvic floor.

First of all sit down and let your tummy go. Think about your bottom cheeks spreading or melting apart. Think about your sitting bones (that you can feel when you’re sitting) coming apart slightly. The coccyx bone and the pubic bone at the front and back, allow them to spread slightly. Let everything come down. Nothing bad will happen. Nothing will come out. Just letting all the muscles relax down. Almost thinking about having a chocolate pelvis or an ice pelvis and letting that chocolate pelvis melt down. Let everything relax.

Doing that on a regular occasion when you’ve been up and active and busy. Sitting down doing your emails – whatever regular activity you might do – when you sit down, have a feel and let everything go.

That might help that feeling of sitting on a golf ball or tennis ball or the aching in your pelvis. But also it’s important to get that checked out if you have any pain.

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