Why should we care about Pelvic Health?

Pelvic health is important, but why?

Here’s a transcript of what pelvic health physiotherapist Elaine Miller had to say:

Pelvic health is one of these areas of healthcare that is not commonly spoken about. It’s embarrassing talking about having problems controlling your pee or your poo. But it’s very common.

A third of women wet themselves and the good news is that physiotherapy has up to an 80% cure rate for stress incontinence.

There’s no need for so many people to be suffering with poor pelvic health and having symptoms like wetting themselves or being embarrassed because they won’t go to zumba in case they wet themselves in zumba.

That’s where it becomes a public health issue. Diseases of inactivity are now responsible for more premature deaths in the UK than smoking has been. It’s really important that we keep people moving in order to keep them well.

There’s also an impact on someone’s mental health because if you are wetting yourself then it affects mood. We know exercise is good for treating mood. But people aren’t going to exercise if they think they are going to wet themselves. It becomes a double-edged sword.

We just need to have people moving for their health and we have to have people’s pelvic health working well in order to achieve that.

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