The pelvic floor explained

Jilly Bond pelvic health physiotherapist talks us through the muscles in our pelvic floor.

Here’s a transcript of what she had to say:

The pelvic floor is the best bit of the body. The pelvic floor is made of a bowl of muscles that all work together to give you support to your organs. It also helps you give continence so you don’t leak from the front or the back end.

They all work together in this bowl. It sits between your two sitting bones, which you can feel when you’re sitting down. And the bone at the front and back, which we call the coccyx and the pubic bone.

This bowl of muscles all work together. When they activate, they go from being a deep bowl shape to lifting up and forwards. As if to stop from breaking wind when you pull them in, inverting into a bowl shape the other way.

So it’s really clever sling of muscles or hammock of muscles. They do a lot of different jobs and provide a vital role of your continence.

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