The Elevator Cue…

Elaine Miller talks through one of the many ways to connect with your pelvic floor.

So I like to teach people a yoga move. It’s called “Mula Bandha” if you’re familiar with that. Its aim is to try and get all of the fibres of the pelvic floor contracting together. Because we know some people feel it at the front or some people can feel it at the back but the other muscle fibres aren’t engaging.

So what the move is, is just to do a squeeze of your pelvic floor and then a stronger squeeze and a stronger squeeze and then relax.

So the analogy that I use to teach people is to imagine that your vagina is a lift. And that you’re taking it from the ground floor, second floor, third floor and then you’re going to lower it gently down against gravity.

The difficult bit is often people can get up a floor, maybe even two but they can’t resist gravity on the way down and it tends to come down quickly. So you want to be gentle with your little invisible people.

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