How often do you need to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises?

We sat down with pelvic health physiotherapist Elaine Miller to find out how frequently we should do our exercises.

Here’s a transcript of what she had to say:

Pelvic floor exercises have to be done all the time. Regularly. Every day. Otherwise you’re going to lose strength again.

So the guidelines are that if you are leaking, you should be doing a set of pelvic floor exercises three times a day. Every day for  approximately sixteen weeks. It takes a long time for the muscles to strengthen because there’s quite a lot of gristle in there so the changes don’t happen very quickly.

And then once you’re dry, you would need to your pelvic floor muscle exercises once a day, every day until you die. Or else the first time you get hay fever or have the flu and you’re coughing, then your symptoms are going to come back.

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