Common signs that can indicate a pelvic floor problem

Jilly Bond explains some common that indicate pelvic floor problems.

Commonly if people have a problem with their pelvic floor, they might find that when they cough or sneeze or laugh, they leak a little bit. They have that oops moment into their pants or into a pad.

We can also get leakage from the back passage. That means you might be marking your pants more often. Or even when you go to the toilet, if you wipe the back passage and you just don’t ever seem to get clean – and that you have to wipe a lot.

That could be a sign that the sphincter at the back isn’t as strong as it could be. But again that can get better.

People also feel that they have a heaviness or dragging or lump or budge downstairs when they have some weakness. Everything isn’t being supported as well as it could be.

You might find that when you do sports or other activities, you can’t start without emptying your bladder or bowel before you get on exercising.

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