How to squeeze

Unfortunately, 65% of people that think that they know how to contract their PFM’s are doing it incorrectly.

This is the most important part of the pelvic floor muscle exercises as there is no point doing them if you are not doing them correctly.

The first step is to learn to produce a proper contraction of these muscles.

  1. First tighten (squeeze) the muscles around the back passage, as if you're trying to stop yourself passing wind.
  2. Whilst you hold this squeeze, tighten around the vagina and urethra, as if you're trying to stop yourself from passing urine.
  3. It should feel like a 'squeeze and lift' inside.
  4. After each 'squeeze and lift' make sure you fully relax your muscles by letting them rest back to their starting level.


  • You may feel some of your abdomen muscles working gently but the muscles in your buttocks and thighs should be relaxed.
  • Try not to hold your breathe while you are doing the exercises – breathe in and out as normally as you can.

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