What is male pelvic floor therapy?

Men have pelvic floors too

Male pelvic floor therapy is very similar to female pelvic floor therapy. It starts with a discussion and asking lots of questions. After that, the physiotherapist may assess your pelvic floor. This can include a vaginal or ano-rectal assessment in women (or both) and an ano-rectal assessment in men. It all depends on the symptoms and on the individual – you have full control over what assessment takes place.

Treatment is variable, again depending on your symptoms, diagnosis and preferences. It often includes pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques. You will be given advice and information about how to manage your symptoms. You may be given more general exercises, acupuncture, stretches, manual therapy, or the application of modalities such as electrical stimulation.

Your physiotherapist will explain what they find and what they think is most likely to support your treatment journey.

Male pelvic floor therapy is usually carried out by a pelvic health physiotherapist, and you can find one close to you in the Squeezy directory.

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