Four things to try when you are experiencing leaking

Here we recap some common issues associated with leaking urine and outline four steps you can take to help make your life a little bit less stressful.

Step 1.  Go and get treatment

Like any other muscle group, you can retrain your pelvic floor muscles to function normally.

And like other muscle training, you want to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly in order to prevent unwanted side effects.

The best person to speak to is either your GP or a pelvic health physiotherapist.

Make an appointment, start doing your pelvic floor exercises and sort out the leaks!

Doctor note on calendar

Step 2. Put in place some temporary aids

Once you start doing your exercises and have a specialist appointment in the diary, it may take time before you start seeing results.

In the meantime, to help reduce the impact leaking has on your everyday life, why not try some temporary solutions.

  • wear darker clothes – they disguise leaks better
  • carry a spare pair of pants with some fragrance-free wipes
  • try specialist pants with hidden absorbency (Giggle Knickers or Pretty Clever Pants)

Step 3.  Download supporting apps

Download the “Just Can’t Wait” app from the Bladder and Bowel Foundation to show in shops and cafes for easier access to toilets when you are out.

Or request a “Just Can’t Wait” card to carry around.

You can also download the app that we’ve developed to help people remember to do their pelvic floor muscle exercises. It’s called Squeezy and is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores for £2.99.

Step 4.  Learn the technique called “The Knack”

This is a fantastic, research-proven technique that helps reduce the chance of leaking in situations such as  coughing or sneezing.

Practice performing a strong pelvic floor muscle squeeze just before you cough, sneeze, lift, blow your nose, or undertake any activity that tends to make you leak. Keep practising until it starts to happen automatically!


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