Can pelvic floor muscle exercises cause bleeding?

Key issues around pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises do not cause bleeding.

There are times where pelvic floor exercises may cause or aggravate symptoms such as pelvic or vaginal pain, or bladder and bowel symptoms. This is usually because the muscles are overworking and not “letting go” sufficiently. If this is the case, it is important to ensure that you fully relax the muscles between each squeeze. Sometimes, stretches such as the “happy baby” or “modified child’s pose” may help. Sometimes doing less pelvic floor exercises, or stopping for a few days, may be what is needed. Also, make sure you don’t do too many pelvic floor exercises!

It is really important to note that pelvic floor exercises do not cause bleeding. If you are experiencing bleeding that is unusual for you, or bleeding following the menopause, it is essential that you speak to your GP or a healthcare professional. This is because it is essential to rule out anything serious and unexpected vaginal bleeding should never be ignored.

Keep a note of the colour of the blood, (fresh and bright red, or darker red/brown). Also, keep a note of the amount of bleeding and when it occurs, for example after sexual intercourse. There is no reason to stop doing your pelvic floor exercises if bleeding occurs, as there is no known connection between these events.

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