Are pelvic floor specialists covered by insurance?

Accessing private treatment

Pelvic health, and pelvic floor muscles, have become a popular topic of discussion in recent years. This is excellent news because more women (and men) have realised just how important it is to understand what these muscles do, where they are, and how and when to exercise them.

What should you do if you want to see a pelvic health physiotherapist (or other specialist, such as a gynaecologist?)

There are a number of options, and they will partly depend on where you live. In the UK, there are many pelvic health physiotherapists, and other related specialists, on the NHS. Your GP will be able to refer you to any that are working in your area. Sometimes, GPs can refer outside of your local area too.

However, it is not always easy to access these services, and they do vary around the country. Some people choose to have private treatment, and there are a number of ways to access this. For anyone self-funding it is relatively straightforward as you can either refer yourself, or be referred by your GP, and see the person of your choice. You then pay the bill (but always check what that is going to be in advance!).

Is pelvic floor therapy covered by insurance?

Many people have private healthcare insurance, often as an employee benefit. It is essential to read the details of your insurance policy, or to speak to an advisor, to be clear about what they will and will not cover. Pelvic health is becoming more mainstream as a topic and insurance companies are catching on to this, but it is still not as simple as asking for treatment for back pain, for example. Not every insurance company will provide it (although ideally they would!) but if not, perhaps suggest that they should consider it!

You can look for details of your closest pelvic health physiotherapy services, both NHS and private, in the Squeezy directory.

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