How do you find your pelvic floor?

One way to find your pelvic floor from Jilly Bond

Watch the video or read the transcript below:

An easy way to find your pelvic floor is to just sit down.

So while you’re sitting, if you feel your two sitting bones, the area in the centre between them that you can kind of feel as you do a little wiggle, is your pelvic floor deep underneath. And if you think about your coccyx bone and the pubic bone at the back and the front, again between those two, so you have those four bone areas. Everywhere in the middle we call the perineum.

The outside, if a lady, is called the vulva and in gentlemen that will be the area of the testis and penis. That area underneath it has your pelvic floor.

Now if you want to find it, you can try it with your fingers. Putting them onto the area of skin between the vagina and back passage or between the penis and back passage or behind the testis in men. And having a feel there, and just gently pulling in your back passage and you should find that perineum, that skin area, lifts slightly. That’s one good way to find your pelvic floor.

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